All About Us

kenz grafxKENz GRAFx is more than just an online t-shirt shop. We're all about putting a smile on your face :) We're all about you wearing a shirt that shows who you are. Are you quirky? We have you covered! Are you quiet with a HUGE personality? We may have something for you! Are you a person in charge of a club or organization? We can help you get your mission out there!
Our quick story...
We first opened our "doors" to the public in 2008. We started doing small craft shows making custom one-of-a-kind shirts for people. We realized that as much as we thought, that is what people wanted, we were wrong. We made a move to a bit more of a specific niche in the pool and billiard market. We set up a booth at tournaments and made one off shirts. We also made team shirts and tournament specific shirts. The masses seemed to like that a whole lot more than having to come up with their own shirt designs. 
As the story goes on and the market dried up some, we had to rethink our thoughts on it. We decided that there is still more passion inside us to bring you shirts that you can wear LOUD and PROUD! 
Our main goal with any wearable that you purchase from us is that you smile while wearing it. We also hope that the shirt brings a smile to those around you. We see a lot less smiles out there on a daily basis and we aim to bring them back:)
Thanks for reading about us and feel free to Contact Us if you have a custom idea you'd like to share or have made.
  Ken Graf